Dream of Priapus (W.M.A.) | 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 107 x 216"

Madrigal | 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 42 x 60"

Marianna (D.A.P.) | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 15 x 11"

Vita | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10 x 12"

Enter: Jo | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 18 x 14"

Adam's Apple | 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 40 x 44"

More About Ruby | 2011 | Oil on Canvas | 22.5 x 30"

The Lashing Station | 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 21 x 21"

Leaves of Grass | 2010 | Oil on Canvas | 46 x 34"

Resting Place | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 16 x 14"

Imagining a Raging Force in a Dry River Bank | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 14 x 10"

The Beginning of a Long Walk and Conversation Leading to a Higher State | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 14 x 10"

Blind Meld | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 14 x 10"

Ophelia | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 12 x 9"

Cool Blue Echo | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10 x 14"

Passing You Yangs | 2011 | Oil on Linen | 12 x 16"

Walking Through | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10 x 14"

Zeus | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10.5 x 12.75"

She Tells Her Story | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 14 x 10"

What Conversation Looks Like | 2011 | Oil on Panel | 11 x 10"

Motion without the elements of dryness and wind , 2011, Oil on Canvas, 10 x 14"

Walking to the Place Where I Sit Each Morning | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10 x 14"

Catalina Prelude (No time for games), 2012, Oil on Panel, 14 x 10"

Imagining Climbing a Hill to Choose a Place to Lay Down and Die! | 2011 | Oil on Panel | 11 x 13"

Monarch | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 10 x 13"

A Tear for Sophie | 2011 | Oil on Canvas | 72 x 50"

Imaginary Affair in the Woods | 2012 | Oil on Panel | 13.5 x 16.75"

Evensong | 2011 | Oil on Canvas | 32 x 24"

No Deep Nest | 2012 | Oil on Linen | 24 x 30"

Rufous Songlark, 2011, Oil on Canvas, 28 x 24"

The Sonoran Desert | 2011 | Oil on Panel | 12 x 10"

Dawn Chorus' | 2012 | Oil on Canvas | 42 x 47"

Peter Bonner


November 29 – December 28, 2012

Peter Bonner's Exhibition Catalog


Jacqueline Pezzillo

Peter Bonner New Works on View at William Holman Gallery

November 29-December 28, 2012

NEW YORK, November 15, 2012 -- William Holman Gallery presents the debut New York solo exhibition of Australian artist Peter Bonner, open November 29 through December 28. The third monthly exhibition since the gallery opened its doors on the Lower East Side this fall, Bonner's Louvre includes both large and small paintings focused on themes of memory, perception, and narrative. The works in Louvre are the culmination of the artist's many years spent living and studying in environments that could be seen as extremes, ranging from the densely cosmopolitan (New York, London, Madrid, Moscow) to the very remote deserts of Australia and the American Southwest.

Bonner's paintings are densely layered surfaces depicting imagery that often alludes to a figural presence and are infused with rich patterning, reflecting a working method that is high-risk and process-oriented. Bonner draws obsessively as he works so that he remains connected to what is emerging on the surface. Of his process, Bonner says, "I make work with primordial intentions, working instinctively at each stage with the goal of knowing experience...I lay my surfaces flat when I work, often sitting with the work on the floor. I listen to what comes by attempting to discipline myself to remain in the moment, attentive to what is happening on the surface."

Bonner's paintings are made of an invented language that is metaphoric about what memory means in the present. Decoding these meanings is a process which has an intrinsic eloquence and beauty to it. On perception, Bonner writes, "Each moment is a complex mix of many ingredients. The weight of the space, the feeling of light and air, the tensions, difficulties and joys that are part of every relationship, memories of other experiences in other places and times. We bring our past with us wherever we go. The past affects the present moment. I have devoted myself to trying to see that moment in order to make imagery out of the complex narratives that are our lives." Bonner's imagery is "that moment" re-lived through the paint.

Gallery owner, William Holman states, "Peter Bonner is an intense large scale painter of memory, light and life. The works in Louvre are a breakthrough and confirm the persistence of painting on a grand scale as an essential part of connoisseurship."

Born in Brisbane, Australia, as a young adult Bonner traveled abroad to see the world and pursue his passion for drawing and painting before returning to Melbourne to complete his undergraduate studies in fine art. As a finalist for the Wynn Prize, Australia's most prestigious landscape painting award, he earned recognition for his work and was subsequently awarded a scholarship enabling him to pursue post-graduate studies at The New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting and Sculpture. After a decade of living and working in New York, Bonner recently returned to Melbourne and in 2010 completed his masters degree at Monash University.

Bonner's work is included in the collections of the Victorian State Library and Monash University in Melbourne, the Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, as well as private and corporate collections in New York City, Wilmington, and Brisbane.

For more information on the gallery's exhibition schedule, please visit http://www.wholmangallery.com/exhibitions/.



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